Hidden Fees Moving Companies

No matter how excited you are to be moving to a new location, we understand that the moving process is stressful. We also understand that everyone has a specific budget that they want to keep. Unfortunately, that is a hard task to follow. So to help you with this process, we have compiled a list of five hidden fees moving companies might impose on you. These will hopefully help make your moving day smooth and your budget even.

1. Packing Service and Supplies
Full-service moving companies provide a packing service and packing materials as an add-on option. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to pack your belongings yourself (the moving company will not be responsible for any possible damage to your belongings unless they have been packed by them) or hire expert packers.

The cost of the packaging service may or may not include the required packaging materials. To find out that information, carefully examine the pricing estimate or simply contact the moving company for confirmatio

2. Assembling and Reassembling Furniture
Your furniture movers may charge you extra for putting together large pieces of furniture in your present home and then reassembling those pieces in your new home or apartment.

You may not be aware that beds, wardrobes, dressers, and sofas will often need to be dismantled to be wrapped up simply and transported safely, which adds to the extra expenditures of moving out.

3. Stairs
If you’re moving into a building with stairs but no elevator, you may be required to pay a stair charge. Many moving companies charge more if they have to carry their belongings upstairs rather than using an elevator.

Even though your building has an elevator, your moving company may charge you a fee if it is not operational on the day of your move. The hidden costs of relocating come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The exact fee will be determined by the moving company. Due to a missing or non-operational elevator in the building, a mover may elect not to charge a flight charges fee even if the movers will be required to carry household belongings up and down the stairs.

4. Handling of Breakable Items
If you have particularly costly artwork or ornamental objects, such as mirrors, you should have them moved by specialists who have been trained to handle them. These individuals will be able to wrap your valuables individually rather than simply placing them in cardboard boxes.

Some moving companies have an in-house division that specializes in these items. If the organization you choose doesn’t provide this service, you’ll need to hire different professionals. It’ll be costly, but it’ll be preferable to having to replace an even more costly work of art that you adore.

5. Cancellation Fee
Your move plans may change at the last minute, or you may have opted to use a different moving company. However, be aware that canceling a scheduled move may result in additional costs.

Each relocation business has its cancellation policy. And, as one of the most typical hidden moving fees, you should make sure you understand the terms to prevent incurring additional fees.

You won’t generally be charged a cancellation fee if you give more than a week’s notice, so there won’t be any surprise moving costs.

No matter how prepared you feel, it never hurts to double-check all of the items on this list. The last you anyone wants is for your moving day to become more stressful than it already is, so we highly recommend going through this list and making sure everything is covered in your budget.

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