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All of your belongings are packed and moving to their new home. The hardest part is over, or… so you thought. Packing is unquestionably exhausting and overwhelming, and once you’ve spent all of that hard work and time, you have to do IT ALL OVER AGAIN. But not if you have professional unpacking services San Diego to handle the job!

Full Service Unpacking Services

Unpacking services San Diego take care of the heavy lifting for you. Our team will unpack all of your personal belongings at your home or storage space, bringing them to their proper location. For many, the unpacking process of moving is the hardest part and our unpacking pros at Flat Bid Moving can take this physically exhausting job off your shoulders and save you a ton of time.

We Can Pack Your Items Too!

If the thought of packing all of your items makes you want to run and hide, then leave the entire packing and unpacking process to our team! We will pack all of your personal belongings, pack them into the moving truck, and bring them to their destination. Once we arrive, we unpack everything for you, taking items to their general area or ensuring your items are stored safely. We then remove all boxes and debris so you don’t have to do any more work.

Reasons to Hire Professional Unpacking Services

There are many reasons to invest in professional unpacking services San Diego from a reputable company, including:

  • Relieve yourself from the physically demanding job of unpacking (and packing) your belongings
  • Save a ton of time in the packing and unpacking process by having professionals do it for you
  • Make sure your items are expertly, safely and efficiently packed and unpacked to minimize any breakage risk

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