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If you’re preparing to move locations, you may be questioning how you will handle your most valuable and precious belongings, including high-end art and centuries-old heirlooms. The answer to that question is professional crating services San Diego. With custom crating, you can ensure your valuable personal belongings are secure and kept damage-free.


Onsite Custom Crating Services 

Crating services San Diego from Flat Bid Moving provide customized crating for our client’s high value and fragile items that are moving spaces. Many packing and shipping companies have weight and size limitations of their crates, but our crating services are customized to fit are clients’ specific belongings.

If you’ll be moving homes, businesses, or studio space in the future, invest in our expertise with custom crating at your location to protect your important valuables.

Inside Our Custom Crates 

Inside of our custom crates and packing boxes, you can find customized packaging, blocking, and bracing materials to minimize movement and keep items secure. We use our experience and expertise to decide and implement the best crating and packaging options for each and every item.

What Items Are Best for Custom Crating?

 The types of items that should be handled with professional crating services San Diego include:

  • Valuable equipment
  • Electronics
  • Heirlooms
  • Valuable breakable items like ceramic and glassware
  • High-end art
  • Other extremely fragile belongings

Full Service Moving 

If you’d prefer to hand off the entire moving process to the professionals, we offer full-service moving to make the entire process seamless, efficient, and less stressful. Custom crating services San Diego is just one part of working with professional movers, along with packing, unpacking, transportation, and furniture assembly. If you’re not ready to take your belongings to a permanent location just yet, we also offer onsite and offsite storage.

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